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Costumes were a success! Put up my first Xmas tree – but still doesn’t have a treetopper. I should finish painting the Noobz from Blizzcon and put it up there. I’m thinking a EV suit from Star Trek; I got some good pics from the Tech Museum yesterday to help me out with it.

Star Trek Online Beta

Hehehe; Brent’s right about the STO music- it’s extreme!! all the time!!! It’s a crazy rampage through an orchestra; the guy with the cello is climbing up the walls -the guy on chime is like “no you di-en’t” then the tyco drummer rolls through and crushes them both. … i kinda like it.

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Quick UPdate

I’ve finished and started a couple more paintings, and today I grabbed the hardware I need to build a workable lightbox to photograph them. In business news, I’ve recieved my ficticious business name, EIN and I should be recieving my resellers permit in a few days. I’m headed to the clerks office to get my license, hopefully today. (Yesterday, I tried to find this hidden locale to no avail.)

The commerce center is coming along nicely the css is tentatively done. I just need to upload my new store’s logo, and write the base content for the site pages. (I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of pages like these – it shoulkdn’t take too long..once i finally sit down to write it.)

My hair is very purple, and I am going to learn how to paint clouds and -..dangit..I knew I forgot something at home depot. I need a white, archive quality pen..

Dreaming of the Desert

Had a dream last night, was so flavorful and so real.  I’d thought to share it below


My small caravan and I had crossed into the desert lands, our goal was to travel towards the New City as much as it was to flee from the horse-mounted guardsmen.  None of us were navigators; none of us were prepared for the journey. Weeks later, some of us had made our way to a lost tribe with the aid of a ranger who had taken pity upon our misfortune and foolishness. 

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New updates!

Please excuse the dust as I move things around today – rebalancing the galleries as I add more pics. Got some photos of my recent trip to Maker’s Fair, Famicon and my camping trip on the beach. I’m apologizing right now for being unable to capture the weasel on film – he was our elusive guest this weekend.

Going to go grab the photos I’ve been taking of paintings in progress; today i’m working on editing them. I’ll have them up soonish.

– edit- learning that I just don’t have enough light to take proper photos of these paintings. Going to need to get up early tommorow so I can catch light at the right angle… or buy a tripod.  one is less expensive than the other.

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