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Star Trek Online

STO is a lot of fun – I’ve tried new mmo’s but this one really grabs you, even if you don’t have your large, preexisting social network like on your older mmo’s - grouping up is easy. (and the character creator is much fun.)

I’m doing a painting a day – and this one is based off what i was hearing while my husband battled some aliens with his Away Team. 

New paintings!

I’ve been making a painting a day, for the last four days – my aim is a week – here is the one from last night:

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A Short Excursion

Today: The look on a man’s face, being turned away. “No Jobs,” the other man had said.   He wrung his ballcap in his hands and walked out, staring at the ground.

A woman standing under the lip of a building, hides from the flying branches and heavy rain.  She’s wearing several nice outfits, layered over one another for warmth. Her eyes meet mine and shine with tears. She quickly pockets the bills and rubs her nose. I’m already to my car.

Someone slams a door. A child cries out and a man shouts “Maybe! I said Maybe.” He makes a brisk pace and mutters darkly; “I just don’t know.” 

She chats idly to me while I wait in line. “Well, I’m from Texas. Tornadoes are no big deal. Now, Earthquakes…”  I recall hearing the inverse earlier and think to myself – Of all things, we should at least expect our ground to me immovable. Weather, politics, emotions and economics throw us around – but damnit if the earth should do it too.

– Candice


I’ve been working on my cooking skill – it’s cheaper to make things at home when you have the time, and when allergies come into play, it just makes sense. I’ve been try to replace the garlic in all my favorite meals to something Brent can eat; there are few options online, so I’ve experimented.  I’ve so far discovered that for tang – ginger can work in a pinch, and combinations of the following can fill the seasoning void: Tarragon, Basil, Citrus juices, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cayenne, and Turmeric.   Don’t be afraid to add cinnamon to your dishes – if you use it in proportion to your other spices, you’ll never notice it.  Turmeric, Cayenne and Nutmeg work great in Indian dishes, with white meats and in baked goods. I use Tarragon instead of garlic when the recipe calls for basil.  Peanut butter can give a recipe a rich, subtle and complex flavor, something that garlic normally does with brute force.  Good luck with your allergies people – if you’ve got a substitution that works well for you, post it here!

new year!

Thanks for the awesome party Eduardo, Nicole. Nothing like Rockband, Red Dragon Inn and Champagne (and mustaches, a blue moon and naughty girl scouts) to bring in the new year. still want my flying car..