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I’ve been terribly (wonderfully) distracted by minecraft lately. I’m sure that they’ve just seen the giant 8bit hello kitty face I’ve made there, and are wondering “hey, who let girls onto this server?” But I Digress.

Latest updates: Created a new On The Job gallery showcasing some illustrations for various clients, and culled, rescanned and reposted quite a number of images, mostly in my sketchbook gallery. I also posted this one in Dailies; It’s a photo I took while sitting in the car with brent.

I wonder what those birds are thinking? I bet you could figure it out.

I plan on working on usabilty next; so more image updates will have to wait.

– Candice

New Paintings Up!


Finished Calamari Damacy, and my Sexy Abomination painting is almost done! See the Work in progress pics in nerdcore paintings gallery.
Also – The Brave Little Frakkin’ Toaster is up, with poster text in the same gallery.

Oh – ang check out Magecraft in the fanart section! It’s a scene illustrated from a short story by one of my friends.

More to follow in the coming weeks – I’ve got ideas filling up sketchbooks all over the house..

I salute you..

This weekend I went to the San Jose Pride festival; I had some friends who had a booth there and I wanted to show my support for them, and the cause. (=) I met a lot of great people and talked to many vendors; it reminded me of when I was a kid growing up in the craft fair circuit. I’d stay with my dad at the fairs, and get to know the other vendors who made the same tour we did. My perspective is a little different now that I’m older, but that instant connection, camaraderie, is there. Except – I’m not a vendor. I am incredibly proud of all those people out there who took their hobby and stuck out their necks (and wallets) to show up.

I don’t know where people get their courage, or how they develop such strong tenacity, but I need to figure that out, and fast. I have a suspicion that if I can champion myself, others will get behind me. But first things first; I need to do things that command my respect, and earn my own sense of worth. Maybe the rest will follow.

So, young musician from orange county, purple-haired mom with a hobby making cute hats, light bulb painter with the dog who stole your papasan, candle maker who made lemon sugar scents just for me, and my dad, who did everything it took to support his kids, I salute you.

Chincheezit & Other Sketches

I’ve uploaded some new sketches for you while I work on churning out the paintings. I don’t think anything can replace the inspiration that comes from a pencil on paper. 

Today’s painting: Milo and Oil