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I’ve been terribly (wonderfully) distracted by minecraft lately. I’m sure that they’ve just seen the giant 8bit hello kitty face I’ve made there, and are wondering “hey, who let girls onto this server?” But I Digress.

Latest updates: Created a new On The Job gallery showcasing some illustrations for various clients, and culled, rescanned and reposted quite a number of images, mostly in my sketchbook gallery. I also posted this one in Dailies; It’s a photo I took while sitting in the car with brent.

I wonder what those birds are thinking? I bet you could figure it out.

I plan on working on usabilty next; so more image updates will have to wait.

– Candice

New Paintings Up!


Finished Calamari Damacy, and my Sexy Abomination painting is almost done! See the Work in progress pics in nerdcore paintings gallery.
Also – The Brave Little Frakkin’ Toaster is up, with poster text in the same gallery.

Oh – ang check out Magecraft in the fanart section! It’s a scene illustrated from a short story by one of my friends.

More to follow in the coming weeks – I’ve got ideas filling up sketchbooks all over the house..

I salute you..

This weekend I went to the San Jose Pride festival; I had some friends who had a booth there and I wanted to show my support for them, and the cause. (=) I met a lot of great people and talked to many vendors; it reminded me of when I was a kid growing up in the craft fair circuit. I’d stay with my dad at the fairs, and get to know the other vendors who made the same tour we did. My perspective is a little different now that I’m older, but that instant connection, camaraderie, is there. Except – I’m not a vendor. I am incredibly proud of all those people out there who took their hobby and stuck out their necks (and wallets) to show up.

I don’t know where people get their courage, or how they develop such strong tenacity, but I need to figure that out, and fast. I have a suspicion that if I can champion myself, others will get behind me. But first things first; I need to do things that command my respect, and earn my own sense of worth. Maybe the rest will follow.

So, young musician from orange county, purple-haired mom with a hobby making cute hats, light bulb painter with the dog who stole your papasan, candle maker who made lemon sugar scents just for me, and my dad, who did everything it took to support his kids, I salute you.

Chincheezit & Other Sketches

I’ve uploaded some new sketches for you while I work on churning out the paintings. I don’t think anything can replace the inspiration that comes from a pencil on paper. 

Today’s painting: Milo and Oil  

Star Trek Online

STO is a lot of fun – I’ve tried new mmo’s but this one really grabs you, even if you don’t have your large, preexisting social network like on your older mmo’s - grouping up is easy. (and the character creator is much fun.)

I’m doing a painting a day – and this one is based off what i was hearing while my husband battled some aliens with his Away Team. 

New paintings!

I’ve been making a painting a day, for the last four days – my aim is a week – here is the one from last night:

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A Short Excursion

Today: The look on a man’s face, being turned away. “No Jobs,” the other man had said.   He wrung his ballcap in his hands and walked out, staring at the ground.

A woman standing under the lip of a building, hides from the flying branches and heavy rain.  She’s wearing several nice outfits, layered over one another for warmth. Her eyes meet mine and shine with tears. She quickly pockets the bills and rubs her nose. I’m already to my car.

Someone slams a door. A child cries out and a man shouts “Maybe! I said Maybe.” He makes a brisk pace and mutters darkly; “I just don’t know.” 

She chats idly to me while I wait in line. “Well, I’m from Texas. Tornadoes are no big deal. Now, Earthquakes…”  I recall hearing the inverse earlier and think to myself – Of all things, we should at least expect our ground to me immovable. Weather, politics, emotions and economics throw us around – but damnit if the earth should do it too.

– Candice


I’ve been working on my cooking skill – it’s cheaper to make things at home when you have the time, and when allergies come into play, it just makes sense. I’ve been try to replace the garlic in all my favorite meals to something Brent can eat; there are few options online, so I’ve experimented.  I’ve so far discovered that for tang – ginger can work in a pinch, and combinations of the following can fill the seasoning void: Tarragon, Basil, Citrus juices, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cayenne, and Turmeric.   Don’t be afraid to add cinnamon to your dishes – if you use it in proportion to your other spices, you’ll never notice it.  Turmeric, Cayenne and Nutmeg work great in Indian dishes, with white meats and in baked goods. I use Tarragon instead of garlic when the recipe calls for basil.  Peanut butter can give a recipe a rich, subtle and complex flavor, something that garlic normally does with brute force.  Good luck with your allergies people – if you’ve got a substitution that works well for you, post it here!

new year!

Thanks for the awesome party Eduardo, Nicole. Nothing like Rockband, Red Dragon Inn and Champagne (and mustaches, a blue moon and naughty girl scouts) to bring in the new year. still want my flying car..


Costumes were a success! Put up my first Xmas tree – but still doesn’t have a treetopper. I should finish painting the Noobz from Blizzcon and put it up there. I’m thinking a EV suit from Star Trek; I got some good pics from the Tech Museum yesterday to help me out with it.

Star Trek Online Beta

Hehehe; Brent’s right about the STO music- it’s extreme!! all the time!!! It’s a crazy rampage through an orchestra; the guy with the cello is climbing up the walls -the guy on chime is like “no you di-en’t” then the tyco drummer rolls through and crushes them both. … i kinda like it.

Quick UPdate

I’ve finished and started a couple more paintings, and today I grabbed the hardware I need to build a workable lightbox to photograph them. In business news, I’ve recieved my ficticious business name, EIN and I should be recieving my resellers permit in a few days. I’m headed to the clerks office to get my license, hopefully today. (Yesterday, I tried to find this hidden locale to no avail.)

The commerce center is coming along nicely the css is tentatively done. I just need to upload my new store’s logo, and write the base content for the site pages. (I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of pages like these – it shoulkdn’t take too long..once i finally sit down to write it.)

My hair is very purple, and I am going to learn how to paint clouds and -..dangit..I knew I forgot something at home depot. I need a white, archive quality pen..

Dreaming of the Desert

Had a dream last night, was so flavorful and so real.  I’d thought to share it below


My small caravan and I had crossed into the desert lands, our goal was to travel towards the New City as much as it was to flee from the horse-mounted guardsmen.  None of us were navigators; none of us were prepared for the journey. Weeks later, some of us had made our way to a lost tribe with the aid of a ranger who had taken pity upon our misfortune and foolishness. 


New updates!

Please excuse the dust as I move things around today – rebalancing the galleries as I add more pics. Got some photos of my recent trip to Maker’s Fair, Famicon and my camping trip on the beach. I’m apologizing right now for being unable to capture the weasel on film – he was our elusive guest this weekend.

Going to go grab the photos I’ve been taking of paintings in progress; today i’m working on editing them. I’ll have them up soonish.

– edit- learning that I just don’t have enough light to take proper photos of these paintings. Going to need to get up early tommorow so I can catch light at the right angle… or buy a tripod.  one is less expensive than the other.

weekend fun

Went camping this weekend – had a lot of fun. we had a tiny weasel living in our camp space; was the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. I named him pandrett. >.> tiny brown creature with white and black rings around his face and tail. Also had the most amazing sushi this evening! It will be hard to keep from going back – must wait until i find a paycheck!

Unwinding from a fun weekend – a bit burnt, and rather tired. I look forward to a warm, soft bed tonight. Need to upload the photos i took tommorow.

Also – figuring out my new old iphone.

Painting some zombies

I’m painting today, and cooking something new – its a pretty mellow day. waiting for an email, and vaguely wondering if my painting would be better if i had not used craft acrylic. Havent check my favorite websites in a while (yes, i’m talking to you pinktentacle) and i’ve fallen behind on my rss feeds – I’m really loving this paintbrush.

I will need to set up an appropriate light box and post better photos of these paintings. Hope to have that in a week or two.


I have an interview in a few hours – for a job i’ve been pursuing for 6 years. I’ve got the skills, the experience, the knowledge and the passion – the last task is to convey this to the person I’ll be speaking to.

New content

Added new pictures to the sketchbook gallery – check out what i’ve been doodling. I’ll upload some of my paintings, once I set up a suitable lightbox.

Getting ready to start selling my artwork – I’m going to start with original paintings, and then move to prints of my digital works. I have a few other products i’m working on. Purchasing information to come soon; start thinking about your custom order!

Maker’s Fair

Fun! This time I get my goggles – going to spruce them up a bit this week, replacing the straps and adding more personalized details / paint. saw tesla coils fry hot dogs, a networked christmas light show to techno, and I saw ‘the’ Thumpbot playing the theramin. Man-sized moustrap, quesadillas, glow in the dark, and a wide-variety of people. You know, the kind of people that are one of a kind. This time, all in one place. Exciting. I’ve had my fill of science, people and noise, so I think I may crash before I get to my plan of taking over the world. Pics to come soon!

star trek

I admit, I”m a relative newbie when it comes to Star Trek. I’ve watched the movies, and some of the shows, but, I’m still only a sliver of the way to that kind of geekdom.

Even so, I had high expectations for this film, and I was not disappointed. There were only a few moments where I was broken from the narrative of the script, and those were realization of clever plot set-ups, exceptionally well done texturing and shader effects, and the engaging set designs. *ahem* and a few pair of sexy legs, green and otherwise.

This is the first time a film has been able to pull off so many ‘cult’ references to the older series, without sounding cheesy or contrived. At least to me, the audience seemed tugged in unison through the various emotions the writers had set up. The visual effects punctuated these points, and the actors, while well known, did not overshadow their roles, but complimented what I remember of the their characters.

It may have helped that the theater was populated with the company creating Star Trek Online. I did see developers, community leaders and their families, giggle madly. It was infectious, and I felt that in this moment, one that I would normally be excluded from, I could enjoy a little bit of what they had always loved.
I think their goal was to bridge this great story, to the younger, and uninitiated audiences. I think it will, though, my friends have said, “If being geeky is cool now, I’m going to have to switch to something else.”


fun times

Birthday party last night, best time I’ve had in a while. Good food, good friends and…too much good drinking. Woke up in the bathtub, face covered in someone else’s lipstick. Wasn’t pretty, but it was worth it. Normally I’m the quiet one at parties, but with a room full of fun and creative peoples, it’s hard not to mingle some. Maybe we can do this again sometime, with a few less purple nerples. Maybe I’ll have a little more self-confidence next time. *grin*

hackles rising – a frank response

Today was the wrong day to send me anti-gay propaganda. 

I don’t know if you know, but I was raised in a very christian household, so the things that i have learned since then have come slowly, and with much personal searching.  You may understand how hard it was to write this to a family member, after they sent me a scathing (and hopelessly inaccurate) email.   But I feel strongly about this issue – and I will be honest (which is hard for a shy and timid girl like myself). I needed to give at least one strong effort at offering “the other point of view”.  I owe it to those who fought for my freedoms. (more…)

so much to do while enthusiasm holds!

I’ve been cycling through tasks, drawing sprites for brent, and painting. Also on this list is to flesh out this new website with content. prt of that is finishing the digital paintings I’ve started, writing more articles, and posting some of the tutorials I’ve created. Also, i think capitalizing “I” is kinda concieted. *looks down her nose at grammer*