Things from the mind of Xynth and Koari

A Short Excursion

Today: The look on a man’s face, being turned away. “No Jobs,” the other man had said.   He wrung his ballcap in his hands and walked out, staring at the ground.

A woman standing under the lip of a building, hides from the flying branches and heavy rain.  She’s wearing several nice outfits, layered over one another for warmth. Her eyes meet mine and shine with tears. She quickly pockets the bills and rubs her nose. I’m already to my car.

Someone slams a door. A child cries out and a man shouts “Maybe! I said Maybe.” He makes a brisk pace and mutters darkly; “I just don’t know.” 

She chats idly to me while I wait in line. “Well, I’m from Texas. Tornadoes are no big deal. Now, Earthquakes…”  I recall hearing the inverse earlier and think to myself – Of all things, we should at least expect our ground to me immovable. Weather, politics, emotions and economics throw us around – but damnit if the earth should do it too.

– Candice

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