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Quick UPdate

I’ve finished and started a couple more paintings, and today I grabbed the hardware I need to build a workable lightbox to photograph them. In business news, I’ve recieved my ficticious business name, EIN and I should be recieving my resellers permit in a few days. I’m headed to the clerks office to get my license, hopefully today. (Yesterday, I tried to find this hidden locale to no avail.)

The commerce center is coming along nicely the css is tentatively done. I just need to upload my new store’s logo, and write the base content for the site pages. (I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of pages like these – it shoulkdn’t take too long..once i finally sit down to write it.)

My hair is very purple, and I am going to learn how to paint clouds and -..dangit..I knew I forgot something at home depot. I need a white, archive quality pen..

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