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I admit, I”m a relative newbie when it comes to Star Trek. I’ve watched the movies, and some of the shows, but, I’m still only a sliver of the way to that kind of geekdom.

Even so, I had high expectations for this film, and I was not disappointed. There were only a few moments where I was broken from the narrative of the script, and those were realization of clever plot set-ups, exceptionally well done texturing and shader effects, and the engaging set designs. *ahem* and a few pair of sexy legs, green and otherwise.

This is the first time a film has been able to pull off so many ‘cult’ references to the older series, without sounding cheesy or contrived. At least to me, the audience seemed tugged in unison through the various emotions the writers had set up. The visual effects punctuated these points, and the actors, while well known, did not overshadow their roles, but complimented what I remember of the their characters.

It may have helped that the theater was populated with the company creating Star Trek Online. I did see developers, community leaders and their families, giggle madly. It was infectious, and I felt that in this moment, one that I would normally be excluded from, I could enjoy a little bit of what they had always loved.
I think their goal was to bridge this great story, to the younger, and uninitiated audiences. I think it will, though, my friends have said, “If being geeky is cool now, I’m going to have to switch to something else.”


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