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hackles rising – a frank response

Today was the wrong day to send me anti-gay propaganda. 

I don’t know if you know, but I was raised in a very christian household, so the things that i have learned since then have come slowly, and with much personal searching.  You may understand how hard it was to write this to a family member, after they sent me a scathing (and hopelessly inaccurate) email.   But I feel strongly about this issue – and I will be honest (which is hard for a shy and timid girl like myself). I needed to give at least one strong effort at offering “the other point of view”.  I owe it to those who fought for my freedoms.

Here is what I wrote.

– I don’t think this guy has a grasp on what really happened. His arguments do have some truth, but some of it is plain false.  The “special class” he is refering to is a legal term and in that class is : gender, heritage, age and now hopefully, orientation.  Under these clauses we have fought for the right to women to vote,  anti-abuse laws for the elderly, and for familial provisions for gay couples and their children. The ‘hate crimes’ he thinks are unfair – is a legal way to explain the cause of an actual crime. it does not mean that hate crimes are different than other crimes in action – only in motivation.  Christians will not be prosecuted for these ‘hate crimes’ unless they actually commit an illegal act of violence, towards anyone, gay or not. 

He decries the ‘persecution’ they are currently facing by the government. What about gay individuals? Don’t they deserve to be treated equally by our government? They aren’t – Homosexuals been persecuted just like the christians have – they’ve been murdered,  censored and forced into hiding; they fight to be treated equally in the workplace.  I think of this movement as the same as women’s rights – the arguments echo each other hauntingly. 

That being said – There is no reason except religious reasons that two consentual, unrelated adults should not love and have a family together. If this is the sole rational cause, then it should not be put into law. If a person is to choose the belief that gayness is wrong, then they are free to not get married to someone of the same gender. 

I don’t expect you to change your views, and I respect the morals you  have taught me – but don’t encourage this propaganda. real people are being hurt.  I hope you respect me enough to give a moments pause to my point of view – you know I am an intelligent and caring person. Please be proud that I am bold enough to stand for my beliefs as well. It is not easy.

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