Things from the mind of Xynth and Koari

Caught Red…Handed

I was painting the venture brothers poster red, black, white: I was working with red. My big fluffy cat jumped right onto my easel of red paint. I thought I got her in time, I picked her up by the belly and tossed her on the floor. I didn’t see any paw prints on my work. Anyway. A few hours later, I go pet her (apologize for the cat toss), and she’s got a bright red paw. I look back on the floor, and there are pawprints to the living room. It’s not so bad, acrylic can come out with soap with a good scrub. But later…brent shows me red kitty print on the toilet seat >.>. I try to keep her from drinking out of that…brent caught her red…pawed.

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